Gianluca Sposito, “Overlook: Scary Houses and Where to Find Them”


The book focuses on 50 films (from 1944 to 2020), all characterized by the presence of a ‘scary home’ – With over 380 color images and additional content accessible via QR codes


This book aims to take readers on a journey that is literary, visual as well as properly geographical. We will focus on 50 films across almost 80 years (from 1944 to 2020); all of them are characterized by the presence, strong and central, of a ‘home’. Obviously, it is not a ‘home sweet home’ but ‘a home scary home.’ We will look into whether the story of that film is based on fiction, chronicle, or both; and finally we will look into whether that place really exists. And if it does, whether it is different from the one that appears in the film.


This is not a work of film criticism, nor literary criticism; but a true literary and visual journey, between words and images, between tradition and innovation; influenced and stimulated by the thrill.



The volume contains over 380 color images and additional content (Google Maps – Street View locations and audiovisual documents) accessible through QR codes which can be scanned with a camera.


Index and Introduction:


Gianluca Sposito (1973) is an Italian lawyer and scholar. He is one of Italy’s leading experts on rhetoric and communication.



A paperback and e-book series published by Intra.

Global readability, Italian charm.


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