Ambrose Bierce, “Can Such Things Be?”


-A thrilling collection of 43 tales by a master of horror. 1910 English original edition


-A thrilling collection of 43 tales by a master of horror. 1910 English original edition-


Ambrose Bierce gained literary acclaim as a skilled satirist and chronicler of battlefield bravery. In the thrilling collection Can Such Things Be?, the Devil’s Dictionary Author turns his attention to all things spooky and fantastical.


Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914) was a famed journalist and essayist of the late 19th century. He was also one of America’s sharpest cynics. His legacy was entombed in The Devil’s Dictionary: a satirical lexicon originally published in 1906.


This Collection includes 43 tales:

The Death of Halpin Frayser

The Secret of Macarger’s Gulch

One Summer Night

The Moonlit Road

A Diagnosis of Death

Moxon’s Master

A Tough Tussle

One of Twins

The Haunted Valley

A Jug of Sirup

Staley Fleming’s Hallucination

A Resumed Identity

A Baby Tramp

The Night-Doings at “Deadman’s”

Beyond the Wall

A Psychological Shipwreck

The Middle Toe of the Right Foot

John Mortonson’s Funeral

The Realm of the Unreal

John Bartine’s Watch

The Damned Thing

Haïta the Shepherd

An Inhabitant of Carcosa

The Stranger

Present at a Hanging

A Cold Greeting

A Wireless Message

An Arrest


A Man With Two Lives

Three and One Are One

A Baffled Ambuscade

Two Military Executions

Some Haunted Houses

The Isle of Pines

A Fruitless Assignment

A Vine on a House

At Old Man Eckert’s

The Spook House

The Other Lodgers

The Thing at Nolan

Mysterious Disappearances

The Difficulty of Crossing a Field

An Unfinished Race

Charles Ashmore’s Trail



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