Edith Nesbit, “The Power of Darkness and Other Horror Stories”


23 of most famous Nesbit’s deliciously creepy horror stories


Edith Nesbit was born in Surrey (England) in 1858 and died in 1924. A world-famous children’s author, her works include The Railway Children and Five Children and It. Nesbit also wrote for adults, including eleven novels, short stories, and four collections of horror stories. This collection includes, in chronological order, 23 of most famous Nesbit’s deliciously creepy ghost stories:


Man-Size in Marble 1887

The Ebony Frame 1891

John Charrington’s Wedding 1891

Hurst of Hurstcote 1893

The Judgement: A Broadmoor Biography 1893

The Mass for the Dead 1893

The Mystery of the Semi-Detached 1893

Uncle Abraham’s Romance 1893

From the Dead 1893 (as “Fabian Bland”)

The Haunted Inheritance 1906

The House of Silence 1906

The Power of Darkness 1906

The Head 1907

The Three Drugs 1908 (variant of The Third Drug)

The Five Senses 1909

In the Dark 1910

The New Samson 1910 (as “Fabian Bland”)

Number 17 1910

The Shadow 1910 (variant of The Portent of the Shadow, 1905)

The Violet Car 1910

The Haunted House 1913

The Pavilion 1915

To the Adventurous 1922



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