Florence Marryat, “The Blood of the Vampire”


A female vampire. Published in the same year of Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Harriet Brandt is an energy sucker and a formidable predator. However, unlike Bram Stoker’s famous vampire, she is also a tragic figure who only realizes towards the end of the novel that she has killed the people she is closest to.

Florence Marryat’s novel The Blood of the Vampire was published in 1897, the same year as Dracula. But as a story, The Blood of the Vampire shows no sign of being influenced by Stoker’s interpretation of the vampire theme. Instead, it is a curious relic of a time when readers had different expectations from vampire fiction.


Florence Marryat (1833-1899) was a British author, particularly known for her sensational novels and her involvement with several celebrated spiritual mediums of the late 19th century. Her works include Love’s Conflict (1865), Her Father’s Name (1876), There is No Death (1891) and The Spirit World (1894), The Dead Man’s Message (1894) and The Blood of the Vampire (1897). She was a prolific author, writing around 70 books, as well as newspaper and magazine articles, short stories and works for the stage.



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