Gianluca Sposito, “King Kong: The Untold Story”


What happened to the Kong from the 1976 film?


That of King Kong is one of the most classic and disturbing stories. The first film was made in 1933, but in 1976 a famous remake was made. In those years, digital technology was still unknown, so producer De Laurentiis demanded that a real 12-meter mechanized giant be built for the film, created by three-time Academy Award winner for special effects Carlo Rambaldi. But the giant will not have the role and fortune that many believe it had.

This is precisely the true story of that mechanized giant and a ‘brother,’ of their incredible world travels, and of their mysterious disappearance.


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Gianluca Sposito (1973) is an Italian lawyer and scholar. He has been teaching “Legal Argumentation and Forensic Rhetoric” at the University of Urbino since 2004. He is one of Italy’s leading experts on rhetoric and communication.


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