Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, “The Leopard”

-One of the most important novels in modern Italian literature. First English edition-

In the spring of 1860, Fabrizio, the charismatic Prince of Salina, still rules over thousands of acres and hundreds of people, including his own numerous family, in mingled splendour and squalor. Then comes Garibaldi’s landing in Sicily and the Prince must decide whether to resist the forces of change or come to terms with them.


Published posthumously in 1958, the novel became the top-selling novel in Italian history and is considered one of the most important novels in modern Italian literature. In 1959, it won Italy’s highest award for fiction, the Strega Prize. In 2012, The Observer named it as one of “the 10 best historical novels”.


The Leopard is a modern classic which tells the spellbinding story of a decadent, dying Sicilian aristocracy threatened by the approaching forces of democracy and revolution.


First English translation by Archibald Colquhoun (1960).


Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa was a Sicilian nobleman, Duke of Palma and Prince of Lampedusa. He was born in Palermo in 1896 and died in Rome in 1957. He lived the life of a literary dilettante, was familiar with the great literatures of the world, and was widely travelled. He published nothing during his lifetime, but bequeathed, in addition to his great novel, a memoir, some short stories, an incomplete novel and some fascinating appraisals of English and French literature. Much of this is collected in The Siren and Selected Writings.


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