Arthur Schnitzler, “Casanova’s Homecoming”


1922 First American edition


The extraordinary Viennese writer Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1910) studies medicine at Vienna University but soon abandoned medicine for writing. From 1895 he attracted public attention as a dramatist. Concentrating on sex and death, his work shows a remarkable capacity to create atmosphere and to pursue profound, ruthless and often Freudian analysis of human motives.


The novella Casanova’s Homecoming (Casanovas Heimfahrt) was published in 1918. It underscores his pursuit of both eros and thanatos. Venice, the city of lovers, also served as a fin-de-siècle symbol of death and decay, as portrayed in Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. Throughout Schnitzler’s work, Casanova refers to Venice as the city of his youth, a time when he enjoyed many amorous adventures. Yet, his journey to Venice also reflects his journey towards death.


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