Oscar Wilde, “The Soul of Man”



An extraordinary political essay by Oscar Wilde with an introduction by the Italian historian Giuseppe Giliberti


The essay we propose in this new edition was first published by Oscar Wilde in 1891, in the Fortnightly Review, under the title The Soul of Man Under Socialism. It was then republished in book form, privately printed in a few dozen copies, in 1895 with a shorter title: The Soul of Man.


Those who see the author as a brilliant but frivolous dandy will indeed be surprised by a relatively little-known aspect of his personality: his political commitment. Of course, to consider Oscar Wilde a leading figure of Victorian socialism would be a gross exaggeration. But the fact is that he considered himself to be a socialist and did not hesitate to publicly manifest his libertarian commitment.


Oscar Wilde (1854–1900), an Irishman who moved to England, was a writer, poet and playwright, an exponent of British decadentism and aestheticism. He is considered to be one of the greatest storytellers of the last two centuries, whose writing was only apparently simple and spontaneous, but essentially very refined.


Giuseppe Giliberti (Naples 1950) was a professor of Fundamentals of European Law and has taught Human Rights at the University of Urbino. He lives in Bologna. His main works include Introduzione storica ai diritti umani (2012). He has published for Intra Where the is heard. Notes on Italian cultural identity (2021) and the Italian translation of George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia (2021).



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