George Orwell, “Homage to Catalonia”


-Spain 1936-1937: the anti-fascist war in an exciting reportage by George Orwell


“The smell of the trenches, the mountain dawns stretching away into inconceivable distances, the frosty crackle of bullets, the roar and glare of bombs; the clear cold light of the Barcelona mornings, and the stamp of boots in the barrack yard, back in December when people still believed in the revolution; and the food-queues and the red and black flags and the faces of Spanish militiamen; above all the faces of militiamen – men whom I knew in the line and who are now scattered Lord knows where, some killed in battle, some maimed, some in prison – most of them, I hope, still safe and sound. Good luck to them all; I hope they win their war and drive all the foreigners out of Spain, Germans, Russians, and Italians alike.”


George Orwell is the pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair, born in India to a Scottish family in 1903 and died in London in 1950. A cultural journalist, essayist, literary critic, Orwell is now considered one of the greatest English-language authors of the twentieth century. Among his works, 1984 and Animal Farm, both published by Edizioni Intra.


Giuseppe Giliberti (Naples 1950) was full professor of Fundamentals of European law and taught Human Rights at the University of Urbino. He lives in Bologna. Among his main works, Historical Introduction to Human Rights (2012). He has published Where the sì is Heard. Notes on Italian cultural identity (Intra, 2021).



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