Giuseppe Giliberti, “Where Sì Is Heard: Notes on Italian Cultural Identity”


-With an Introduction by Myriam Swennen Ruthenberg-

“The peoples who dwell in the beautiful land where sì is heard”. This is how Dante Alighieri defines the Italians, rooted in local communities and yet united by a common cultural heritage. But there is more. Those who visit the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul are infallibly recognized, from afar, as Italian (not Spanish or Greek) by the talented sellers, who stand on the doorstep of the shops to call customers. All it takes is an expression, a gesture, the posture of the body, the way of dressing, to be invited – in Italian – to buy something. But how do they do it?

Giuseppe Giliberti, full professor (ret.) of legal history, lectures in human rights at the University of Urbino. He was born in 1950 in Naples and lives in Bologna.

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