Antonio Taglialatela, “Euro-English: Trends and Challenges Through the Lens of Migration-Related Texts”


This volume draws on a thorough quali-quantitative corpus analysis of EU legal texts on migration. The study sought to determine whether Euro-English could be acknowledged as a distinct and alternative pan-European variety of standard British English in light of recent advances. The analysis was conducted using AntConc Concordancer and investigated the lexico-grammatical and semantic features, as well as collocations, of specific keywords found in a designated corpus comprising 120 EU legal texts on migration drafted in English. The study provided invaluable insights into the evolving nature of English as a lingua franca and the potential establishment of a Euro-English variety in Europe. This volume is intended for early career scholars and researchers and anyone interested in exploring the intercultural and sociolinguistic trends of English in the EU.


Antonio Taglialatela is Assistant Professor (RTDb) of English Linguistics and Translation Studies at the University of Basilicata and an Executive Board member of the Italian Association of Foreign Language Teachers (ANILS). His main areas of research and publication span ELF and intercultural communication from sociolinguistic and pedagogical perspectives, as well as EU institutional translation and multilingualism. Antonio is a member of important European projects and the author of numerous papers published in leading international journals. He has delivered several talks at conferences across Italy and internationally.


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