Ronald A. Knox, “The Viaduct Murder”

A masterpiece of detective fiction


The Viaduct Murder was first published in 1926. It is a masterpiece of detective fiction, one of the seminal works of the genre. Marryatt (the clergyman), Carmichael (the retired don), Reeves (the former member of the military intelligence), and Gordon (the vacationing golfer) are playing golf in Paston Oatvile when Reeves slices his drive from the third tee. In searching for the ball they come upon the dead body of Mr. Brotherhood below the railroad viaduct. When they find his hat 15 yards away from the body they suspect ‘there’s been dirty work.’ The foursome set out to solve his murder.


Ronald Arbuthnott Knox (1888–1957) produced several popular works of detective fiction. He is remembered for his “Ten Commandments” for detective stories, which sought to codify a form of crime fiction in which the reader may participate by attempting to find a solution to the mystery before the fictional detective reveals it.


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