Erasmo da Rotterdam / Erasmus of Rotterdam

Erasmo da Rotterdam (1466-1536) è stato un teologo, umanista, filosofo e saggista olandese. Firmò i suoi scritti con lo pseudonimo di Desiderius ed è considerato il maggiore esponente del movimento dell’Umanesimo cristiano.

Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466-1536) is one of the greatest figures of the Renaissance humanist movement, which abandoned medieval pieties in favour of a rich new vision of the individual’s potential. The Praise of Folly, written to amuse his friend Sir Thomas More, is Erasmus’s best-known work. Its dazzling mixture of fantasy and satire is narrated by a personification of Folly, dressed as a jester, who celebrates youth, pleasure, drunkenness and sexual desire, and goes on to lambast human pretensions, foibles and frailties, to mock theologians and monks and to praise the ‘folly’ of simple Christian piety.